Slow fashion clothing is better for your family and the environment

Slow fashion clothing is better for your family and the environment

Slow fashion clothing is better for your family and the environment

What makes your child unique? 

I could list a million reasons about my precious babies, and I know you could, too. Their distinctive features and personalities are a one-of-a-kind combination, revealing new facets of themselves every single day. What I constantly think about is how they are being shaped and moulded by their surroundings and how I want to create the best possible environment for them to live, love, play, laugh and learn to grow into the person they are meant to be. 

This is how I started delving into sustainable living and, eventually, slow fashion in Australia. The more I searched for ethically produced clothing that was both affordable and matched my children’s needs, the more I realised that mass-produced clothing from enormous corporations simply didn’t fit the bill. 

I am convinced that slow fashion children’s clothing is the best way forward for both families and the planet, and here are six reasons why.  

  1. Quality over quantity. The big brands are driven by one thing: profit, which means they churn out a lot of clothing for the cheapest price. The clothing simply doesn’t last, and it certainly doesn’t suit our active country lifestyle. Quality-made clothing means far less waste going to the landfill.
  2. Unique items, made with care. Slow fashion means that products are made with thoughtful consideration and purpose, instead of slapped together to meet the next shipment. Little Windmill Clothing Co prints are designed by incredible graphic designers that I personally source, and the clothes are ethically made by a family-owned company in Vietnam. 
  3. Fair treatment of suppliers. Slow fashion companies care about more than just the bottom line. You can rest assured that with smaller operations, there is more visibility over how workers are compensated. Our employees are provided healthcare and a great working environment.
  4. Personal connection. The lifecycle of children’s clothing at big box stores is so impersonal. With slow fashion, the sellers, producers, and customers share a sense of community and values.  
  5. Limited shelf life. Slow fashion allows for totally unique clothing items. We keep things fresh with new and exciting collections coming out all the time, and we don’t often restock items in order to avoid market saturation.  
  6. Fit for purpose. Profit-driven corporations make items to suit the masses, so there is often little to no selection for unique tastes and environments. Slow fashion can provide for more individual requirements. We serve an outdoor lifestyle with beautiful, quality items that last. Check out our new exciting combos, patterns and prints.

I will no longer contribute to the damaging fast fashion industry that significantly pollutes and degrades the environment, particularly when slow fashion children’s clothing is affordable, more unique, and of higher quality. 

With the items we make at Little Windmill Clothing Co, I can fulfil my children’s needs, set a great example for them as they grow up, and make a real difference in our community and beyond. Slow fashion is part of a lifestyle that suits the challenges of our time, and I’m so glad to be part of this exciting movement.