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How to save money on autumn clothes for kids

How to save money on autumn clothes for kids

There’s something about the chill in the mornings. The changing colour of the trees. The shorter afternoons. Summer gets all the love but autumn is just as wonderful for families (well, I think so, anyway!)

Summer is great fun but autumn is something else. From collecting red, gold and brown leaves on a sunny day out to snuggling in cosy blankets on cooler mornings and evenings, autumn is a time for adventure and family fun.

Autumn is also a time for warmer clothes to enter the wardrobe. For many parents, this means buying more clothes after a year of growth. I know from experience that it’s rare to get two years out of long pants when your kids are growing like weeds!

While we can’t stop our kids from growing (and the need for more clothes), we can save money on autumn clothes for kids. Adding to your kids’ wardrobe for autumn and winter doesn’t need to be expensive. Not when you’re smart about your purchases.

Tips for saving money on clothing for autumn

Back in February, I shared an IG post with a few of my top tips for buying clothes for kids. Whether you’re buying clothes as a gift or to add to the wardrobe for a new season, these tips will help you save money and get the most from your purchase.

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Size up

If you plan on investing in good quality autumn clothes for kids, always buy a size bigger than you think you need. Kids will never get smaller but they will always get bigger! This is your best chance of getting the most wear as your kids grow. It also gives them room to move and play, which is super important as they embark on their fun autumn adventures. 

Don’t save good clothes for special occasions

Did you grow up believing that good clothes should be saved for special occasions? It’s time to debunk that myth for good! Beautiful clothes for babies and kids should be celebrated and worn as much as possible - remember, they only have a limited window of wear. Invest in well-made pieces that can be worn, washed and enjoyed over and over and over again.

Buy versatile pieces

When choosing autumn clothes, such as long-sleeved blouses and shirts, think about how they can be paired with other items in your child’s wardrobe. You don’t have to limit them to jeans or long pants. On those warmer autumn days, a skirt or pair of shorts will work great too. The more options they have, the more wear they can get from their new autumn clothes.

Think about layers

Autumn is all about layering. With changeable weather, you and your kids need to be ready for anything. That’s where long-sleeved tops come into their own. Warm enough to ward off the morning and afternoon chill, they are cool enough for running around in the middle of the day. Add a jacket for more warmth or pair with a skirt or shorts for all-day comfortable play.

Invest in quality for the future

Handing down quality clothes for younger kids or for friends and family is the best way to save money on kids' clothing for autumn. Investing in high-quality items means that you won’t just get a season out of your kids’ clothes - you’ll get a lifetime. Even better, the beautiful baby romper you buy today could be a treasured family heirloom in the future. 

Do you have extra tips to save money on autumn clothes for kids? 

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