The Best Winter Clothes for Country Kids: Warm, Practical, and Stylish

The Best Winter Clothes for Country Kids: Warm, Practical, and Stylish

The Best Winter Clothes for Country Kids: Warm, Practical, and Stylish

Winter is the coldest season of the year which for most of us can be challenging as we all want to keep as warm as possible! Living in the country, like we do on a beef cattle station in the Upper Hunter Valley, it can get sooooo cold particularly in the morning and at night. 

As a mum of three boys and a girl, I know it can be tough finding the best winter clothes for country kids that is warm, practical and stylish. This is where I can help you out with some helpful tips;

Layer up

Winter layering is the way to go! The rule of thumb is to have your kids wear one more layer than what you would wear in the same conditions. Little ones lose heat faster than adults. By wearing layers, it helps retain heat and keeps your child warm. Long-sleeve tops are perfect for your child to wear as a base layer. You can pop on a jacket over them for an extra layer if they want to head outdoors.

Warm Up with Fleece 

A winter wardrobe is not complete without a nice cosy fleece jumper! Fleece fabric has a double insulating layer which stops the cold air from filtering through. Warm and practical, fleece is breathable material so even if your kids are playing outside on the farm, they can stay dry. Fleece is also lightweight and water-resistant so if it starts sprinkling unexpectedly, it can keep your kids warm and dry! How good is that?!

Romper style

A must-have for any baby, infant or toddler is the romper. Warm, practical and stylish, rompers are a versatile piece of clothing as a layering option or for getting your baby dressed in a hurry if they have had an accident. Long sleeve rompers are great for winter as they keep your child snug and warm without limiting their movement if they are playing or crawling on the floor. If you are spending time outside with your little munchkin, you can put on a jumper over the romper to keep the chill out. 

Keep the legs warm

During winter in the country, it’s important to keep your child’s lower part of the body warm. Jeans are great for country kids as they are practical and stylish. Jeans can come in lots of cool styles and colours including original, bell flare and dark jeans. Every country girl or boy needs at least a couple of different pairs of jeans to wear out. For an adorable look, have your little one team their jeans with a nice long sleeve shirt and boots. 

 From wearing layers, fleece jumpers, rompers and jeans, these are the best winter clothes for country kids that are warm, practical and stylish. They will keep your little ones snug and cosy during the chilly weather in the country. 

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