Inspired by my little angels- The process of my Kids country clothing brand

Inspired by my little angels- The process of my Kids country clothing brand

Inspired by my little angels- The process of my Kids country clothing brand

Established in 2019, Little Windmill Clothing Co was born from a mothers dream to provide affordable, unique and durable clothing for the active kids of Australia.  "As a mum to three little boys, I understand the need for durable clothing that also offers a sense of style, a brand that could be lived in, passed down, and be a reminder of those beautiful memories." says Katie, Owner and designer. 

So here we are! Little Windmill Clothing Co, is a  Sustainable Australian owned clothing company, and designer of Australian western/country kids clothing for the adventurous kids of Australia.  


We are proud to be an Australian western clothing brand that offers varying styles and patterns designed for any occasion; these include unique styles of children's shirts and country polos, western baby rompers, infant roper cowboy and cowgirl boots. Our stock for newborns consists of a selection of Jersey wraps, organic cotton rattles, cute mocs, and eco-friendly Organic Farm Buddies that are safe for babies and polyester free. 



The inspiration for creating Little Windmill Clothing Co came from the experience of trying to find suitable clothing for my two eldest boys. In big retail stores, the lack of diversity and style in the clothing ranges posed an issue, and the pretty little shops that did happen to stock clothing were costly; I found there was no in-between.
Therefore, the start of my designs come from the practical and financial needs of families, ultimately giving them options for stylish country products that the big retail stores don't provide. 
Another inspiration for me is the Australian climate, specifically, the need for sun safety.I know all those parents out there want to keep their little ones cool and safe in the Australian sun; therefore, this has been a major inspiration for my designs. Our most popular pieces are long sleeve western rompers for sun protection, along with 100% cotton to stay cool and romper styles from 000-2 years to maintain a tucked in style look.  


Each design and print comes from my everyday surroundings and is based on the country-style, perfect for farm and daily life; I just love getting to create these patterns and design ideas and have my fabulous graphic designer bring them to life. 
Each design can take weeks to get perfect due to the pairing of colours, prints and combos for each item. All of that combined with digital printing is a long process as we like to ensure everything goes together. I generally don't repeat the same style in the same print to keep each collection unique and to make sure kids still stay individuals. So when you see our clothing, you know a lot of hardwork and love goes into it! 


Material Choices

Our material choices are based on both sustainability and practicality for the kids of Australia. I am passionate about leading a sustainable lifestyle for myself and my family. Therefore, I have reflected this in my brand. I am proud to say we develop both Ethical and Sustainable children's clothing, meaning I use sustainable materials where possible, particularly within my packaging!  

In terms of material choices and practicality, the decision is based upon a number of factors; considering the garments are for children, the ultimate goal is that the fabrics are breathable, tough and long-lasting.  
For the babies, we use lush 130gsm jersey cotton for swaddles and onesies and a mix of linen, cotton blends to 100% cotton.


How it's made 
Our clothing is ethically made in Vietnam by a lovely family-owned business. We are lucky to have found a great team that I get to communicate with. From pattern makers to sewing, I can Facetime while they are sewing and see the process of each part. It's a lengthy process from drawing a design to having it sent to a graphic designer to then the sample, tweaks and production, photoshoot and then finally the release. Although it's an extensive process, it's my goal to provide affordable and unique western clothing for the children of Australia. 

So, if your adventurous kids are in need of Australian-made, sustainable western/country styled clothing, you need to look no further! Check out the rest of our site for all our current styles and designs! 


by Shari Keanie




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