Little Toddlers / Youth Kids Blue & Yellow Trucker Caps

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Type: hat

Little Windmill The Label has now got your little ones heads covered! It's hard finding hats that kids want to wear, and hats that actually fit. Cover those bad hair days, keep the sun off our little ones face and have that go-to hat to wear out. 

No more trying to get adults hats to go small enough to fit, no need to tuck little ones ears in and no arguments to what hat to wear! Plus now match your little ones or simply have your own hat. These caps are not just cute but very practical. These trucker caps are perfect for fitting 10 months to 5 years *All kids head sizes differ. Toddler caps go as small as 46cm to a 57cm fit.

Youth/Adults are suited to heads 6 years + ( approximately 55cm to 60cm )

These trucker caps feature hardy mesh tops, embroidery both front, back and peak. Adjustable back strap and detailed print under brim. They come in two colours. They are as unique as each little person.